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Jade Ansell - Atelier

The first breaths of spring are upon us, the days grow longer as sleepy buds unfurl in the rising sun. Birds sing gleefully on the breeze, in order to summon the bountiful spring tide.

This is always a prolific time of year for my creative spirit, there is much inspiration to be found in the growing newness of each day. However the world is currently experiencing a pandemic of global proportion, forcing many to be fearful of the world around them and each other.

It is times such as these that we need a gentle reminder that compassion of the human spirit is a valid and essential tool, to unite us over the coming days and weeks. A look to nature is a soft way of reminding us that the world relies on symbiosis, we are part of something much greater than our humanity. Be kind to those around you, be generous to those who are in greater need. These are challenging times for us all, but some comfort can be offered in a meaningful gesture.


~ Jade Ansell ~

Artist Statement

Art is a portal in which we can experience the divine nature of the natural world. Through these lenses we can travel mystical dimensions, growing and deepening our understanding and connection to mother earth. 

Art is my tool to become enriched in my environment and I believe one can learn more about their true self, through the expression of the subconscious through creative practice. My artworks depict powerful reflections of my inner goddess. Romantic and mystical, I aim to create other worldly experiences for the viewer, which invite them to become absorbed in the power of the divine beauty which surrounds us. In a world that seems utterly entrenched in chaos, we need art to remind us that we are still part of something truly sublime. These small moments in time can give us the energy and inspiration to transform the world we live in, surely there can be no greater purpose to art than to offer an individual the chance for transformation.