~ Goddess Eostre ~

Oil on Canvas
500 x 600mm

The Goddess Eostre, is the Anglo-Saxon Goddess of spring, the east, resurrection, and rebirth. She is the maiden aspect of the Three-Fold Goddess. She gave Her name to the early pagan festival of Easter , whose timing is still dictated by the Moon. 

~ Goddess Psilocin ~

Oil on canvas
250 x 250 mm

Guardian of autumn fruitfulness. As the colour changes through green, amber and red we are awaken to a new life force forming. As life slowly slips away from the balmy summer days, we begin to notice our friends of the trees! Mushrooms everywhere for all to see…

~ Gifts of the Forest ~

Oil on Canvas
500 x 500 mm

In the midst of our spiritual awakening, the forest has many gifts to share.

The knowledge of our ancestral roots is entangled in the mythos of trees and plants, this painting is a nod to hidden networks shared amongst trees through mycellium networks. A web of historical data is stored within the mycellium, it’s secrets are offered to us through many gifts of the forest.

~ Symbiotic Continuum ~

Oil on Canvas
500 x 600mm

We live in deep symbiosis with the world around us. Plants are connected by a world wide web of mycelium networks. Mother nature is the guardian of these symbiotic relationships, protecting the natural order of the balance.

~ Waterfall of Dreams ~

Oil on Canvas
500 x 600mm

The temple of the heavens, bursting forth with life and colour. Catching dreams from the honeycomb hives of the worker bees.

~ Autumn Falls ~

Oil on Canvas
210 x 297 mm

The nights grow colder, foxes scamper in the shadows. Cosy burrows grow quiet for a long awaited sleep.  A foragers delight awaits berries, nuts and mushrooms galore! 

~ The Journey of Divine Co-creation ~

Oil on Canvas 
1500 x 1500mm

The divine feminine can only co-exist alongside the divine masculine.

The dualistic nature of the Universe exists because of these energies which are opposite to each other: Day and Night, Light and Dark, Expansion and Contraction,  Thought and Emotion, Order and Chaos, Yin and Yang… – all reflections of these primordial energies.